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What You Need to Know

There are a great many DUI attorneys in Seattle, so how can you figure out which one you should be hiring to represent you in this stressful experience?

Driving under the influence is a serious charge in Washington State. It is considered a gross misdemeanor, which means that if you are found guilty you could be facing up to a year in jail and a $5000 fine. There are also a number of other burdens you may face in relation to a DUI. The court may order you to get an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle, and/or force you into months or years of treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. Consequences like these should make it obvious why it is so critical that you find an effective Seattle DUI attorney to represent you throughout your legal proceedings. This article should give you a good idea of what you should be looking for in a Seattle DUI attorney.

Initially you want to look for the same sorts of traits you look for in any professional you are considering doing business with. Ask yourself first:

- Does this attorney seem honest?
- Does this attorney seem to know what they are doing?
- Does this attorney seem to care if they do a good job?

You would not trust a mechanic to work on your car if the answer to all of these questions was not yes, so why would you trust a Seattle DUI attorney to defend your liberty if your answers were not yes?

Obviously, your freedom is more important than your car, and as such there are some further steps that you should take to assist yourself in selecting a Seattle area attorney for your DUI charge. It is possible to find reviews of attorneys online. These reviews may be written by past clients or by other attorneys, and they are a good way to find out quickly if an attorney cannot be trusted.

You should also pay attention to the sorts of things that a Seattle area DUI attorney says to you during your consultation. Some attorneys will make promises of good results and act very confident about your case even before they have seen the police reports in order to get you to hire them. This is generally a bad sign. It is impossible to give an accurate analysis of a case’s strengths and weaknesses until a thorough investigation has been conducted. You will do much better if you have an attorney who is honest with you and can explain why your situation is the way it is than you will if you have an attorney that is only telling you the things they believe you want to hear. Just as you would likely rather have a doctor that would tell you that you have cancer and are in for a serious fight, you should look for a Seattle DUI attorney that will tell you if your case is bad. Having an attorney that pretends you have a good case when you do not is the same as having a doctor that pretends you are not sick. 

You should also be careful of Seattle DUI attorneys that do not seem very interested in hearing your side of the story. Your attorney should conduct a thorough interview with you, and he or she will probably have you fill out a detailed questionnaire. A Seattle DUI attorney that does not do this or some other type of investigation may not be putting very much time or effort into your case. Often the only way to discover the best defense in your case is through a detailed understanding of what happened at the incident. The police reports are usually only going to include information that the police recorded to aid in convicting you, so your account of the incident will likely be the only source of information that your attorney has that does not make you look guilty.

Findley & Rogers, PLLC was founded by two experienced Seattle DUI attorneys that believed they could make a positive difference in people’s lives by following a few simple ideals. 

- We are honest with our clients. No matter if the news is good or bad, we will not mislead someone to get them to hire us. 

- We communicate with our clients. Being charged with a DUI is often the first run in with the law that a person has, and this can make it an exceptionally stressful time. We do what we can to alleviate that stress by making sure you know everything that is going on, as it is going on. 

- We do not take more clients than we can handle. We know how much work it takes to give someone a good defense, and we ensure that we never take more clients than we are able to dedicate the full amount of time that is needed to. 

Call us today for a free consultation, and let us show you why we are the Seattle DUI attorneys for you.

-Every case is different, Findley & Rogers, PLLC can make no guarantees about the outcome of a case, and nothing in this article is intended to be a comment on the abilities of any particular attorney


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